Expert Profile

Dr Sanjay Pooran
Position(s) MD, FRCPI, FFPHMI , FFPH , LLB , MBA , MFFLM, MSc (Int Rel) Global Specialist Infectious Disease and Public Health Physician (Health Security)

Dr Sanjay Pooran is an Executive-in-Residence within the Global Fellowship Initiative of the GCSP. Uniquely qualified specialist global public health and infectious diseases physician with a focus on health system strengthening.Was recently made a public governor of University College London Hospital (UCLH) NHS for the next three years. He has held positions as Director of Public Health , Chief Scientific Adviser and Senior Medical and Forensic Examiner for Athena Global Medical Centre ,where he focuses on non communicable and communicable disease control , deploying to high risk regions to provide clinical expertise. He is also an international relations technical lead with qualifications and  training from The London School of Economics and Political Science gaining an MSc in international strategy and diplomacy.Has provided independent consultant services and presented topics for LSHTM, IATA, WHO, PHAC,NIH , CDC,TTCS ,Vitas House Hospice and various Global Ministries of Health. His focus is on healthcare economics, forensic medicine, public health medicine, infectious disease , aviation medicine, epidemiology, global strategy and diplomacy, HIV prevention and sexual health. He has experience in AFRO, SEARO, WPRO, EMRO, EURO  regions and countries in emerging economies, fragile, conflict and post-conflict states, small island states on projects on behalf of the national governments, advocacy organizations and trade associations. Dr Pooran’s research interests centers on the interdisciplinary approach to geopolitical issues and the evolution of international relations outside the traditional parameters of social sciences , but at the interface of science and policy.

His latest book " Ten Pandemic causing pathogens " is near completion focusing on the implications of weaponising viruses for state and non-state formations. He has contributed for the various media outlets , the most recent being The Florida Today newspaper, exploring the political implications for poor public health choices in conflict regions.