Virtual Learning Journeys for Impact

Our virtual learning journeys are designed to align learning with impact. Whether you are an individual, part of a team or leading an organisation, through our new virtual formats, we can move you forward in order for you to be more effective in advancing your vision for peace and security.


We offer:

  • High-quality education that is just as stimulating and memorable as our traditional activities
  • Flexible learning plans for a global audience
  • Dynamic learning experiences designed to support you in your mission to lead change in peace and security
  • Interactive virtual sessions in real time facilitated by world-class experts from every continent
  • A virtual environment that allows for maximum interaction and peer to peer learning
  • Constant opportunities to practice and apply what you learn


You already know The GCSP Way. Our virtual learning journeys further enhance that experience.


DISCOVER: This is where your virtual learning journey begins.

Through our virtual learning environment, we help you reflect on your experience and any professional challenge you may face. You will engage with introductory content, on which you can build subsequently. During a virtual kick-off you will discover where the learning will come from. At this stage you will also already connect with other participants.


CONNECT THE DOTS: This is where the “magic” comes to fruition.

During virtual sessions you will learn in real time from and engage with the GCSP’s multidisciplinary team of experts and with your peers. The GCSP Way 4.0 gives you a unique learning experience resulting from the interaction of leading experts, renowned practitioners and experienced peers from over 167 countries. Our collaborative approach allows you to practice new tools, put knowledge into action and hone key skills. A safe, confidential and inclusive virtual environment fosters this learning process.


ACHIEVE IMPACT: This is where you change your world.

We will help you to transfer the key insights and knowledge you have gained to your professional context. You will put your learnings into practice at your workplace. Special activities are designed to support you in achieving your goals and enhancing your professional development. For a year after the end of your learning journey, you are given continued access to our virtual learning environment with its wealth of knowledge.


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