Expert Profile

Ms Naomi Chepkemoi
Position(s) Young Leader in Foreign and Security Policy at the GCSP and Fellow at Future Africa

Naomi Chepkemoi is an accomplished professional specializing in International Relations, with a strong focus on International Security, Security Strategy, and Security Intelligence. A graduate in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, Naomi possesses a diverse skill set that includes program coordination, public relations, strategic assessment, technical writing, and research. Notably, she served as the Micro-enterprise Owner of Favour Cakes in Nairobi, where she played a pivotal role in strategic planning, vision development, and brand management. Currently serving at Future Africa and Participating in contemporary debates on African socio-political and development issues, evaluating varying perspectives on policy approaches and engaging in quality debate and develop critical reviews of existing policies and new proposals designed to address Africa’s development needs, Naomi actively contributes to contemporary debates on African socio-political and development issues. Her interests extend to cybersecurity, as demonstrated by her interest in nexus between foreign politics and cybersecurity. Alongside her professional pursuits, Naomi engages in community service, volunteering, and environmental initiatives, showcasing her commitment to positive societal impact. Proficient in English and Swahili, with a keen interest in global mentorship, leadership, and foreign language acquisition, Naomi is a dynamic and forward-thinking individual poised for success in the dynamic field of international affairs and diplomacy.