• For a Renewed Consensus on UN Peacekeeping Operations

    For a Renewed Consensus on UN Peacekeeping Operations  

    Dr Thierry Tardy

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    GCSP Geneva Paper – Conference Series n°23, 2011


    Geneva Papers – Conference Series 

    The Geneva Papers – Conference Series was launched in 2008 with the purpose of reflecting on the main issues and debates of events organized by the GCSP.

    It complements the Geneva Papers – Research Series (launched in 2011), whose purpose is to analyse international security issues that are relevant to GCSP training.

    The Geneva Papers – Conference Series seeks to summarize and analyse international security issues discussed in conferences or workshops organized by the GCSP. It promotes dialogue on cutting-edge security topics, such as the globalization of security, new threats to international security, conflict trends and conflict management, transatlantic and European security, the role of international institutions in security governance, and human security. These issues are explored through the multiple viewpoints and areas of expertise represented in GCSP conference proceedings and by speaker presentations.



    This Geneva Paper is an edited volume of presentations delivered at a seminar organized by the GCSP at the request of the Delegation for Strategic Affairs of the French Ministry of Defence and hosted by the International Peace Institute (IPI) in New York on 16-17 June 2011.

    The GCSP is very grateful to IPI for its cooperation with setting up this seminar, as well as to the French Ministry of Defence, and in particular Dr Alexandra Novosseloff, Senior Policy Advisor, for her help in conceiving and running the event.